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Diabetes Clinical Psychology


Online Diabetes Counselling and Psychology

Our online clinical services are the same as those we offer in person – the only difference is that our online service can be accessed by people who might otherwise miss out on treatment due to factors like distance, disability, or time constraints. We offer our diabetes counselling by video over the internet using Skype, or by telephone when this is not possible. We aim to make online access as simple and practical as possible, and to provide care which is compassionate, innovative and effective. 

How to access our online diabetes counselling


Our online counselling and psychology services are provided over Skype. To arrange your appointment with us, please call on 1300 669 485 and speak to one of our friendly staff. For prearranged appointments over Skype, please be online 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Where Skype is unavailable, we can also connect with you over the telephone.

Open Skype 5 minutes before your session

Payment and Skype connection for telehealth appointments

We accept online payments via PayPal prior to scheduled telehealth appointments, and offer a reduced fee for eligible concession card holders. Payment can be made by selecting the service you will be receiving from the dropdown menu next to the clinician you will be seeing, and clicking on the 'Pay Now' button. You can connect to your clinician directly by clicking on the Skype Icon next to their profile.


What do I need to Skype my diabetes psychologist?


A computer with:

• web camera

• microphone

An email address so that we can connect via Skype

A comfortable and private room for your session

A reliable internet connection which

won't disconnect 

A Skype ID and the Skype app set up on your device

Is there any special software required for online diabetes counselling?

We use Skype for our online diabetes psychology services due to its wide availability and ease of use, and telephone as a back-up in case internet connection is lost during your appointment. This means that our online diabetes counselling can be held on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. If you have not already downloaded Skype, please organise this several days in advance of your appointment and ensure that it is working on your device.

How do I get the best quality online connection for my session?

The video quality is determined by the quality of your webcam, and the speed of your internet connection. Audio quality  is best when people use a headset with a microphone, or at least headphones. In instances where both the video and audio quality is poor, we will recommend completing the session over the telephone.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet?

Sure you can! But bare in mind that the video image will be small, and for this reason we recommend using a computer or laptop where possible.

Can I use a Mental Health Care Plan rebate with an online diabetes psychologist?

As of 1st of November 2017, people in rural and remote areas will be able to receive a medicare rebate under a mental health care plan to see an online diabetes psychologist. Unfortunately, this will not extend to people in metropolitan areas. For more information, see Medicare for people with diabetes in rural and remote regions.

Medicare for People with Diabetes in Rural and Remote Regions 


People with diabetes living in rural and remote regions of Australia will soon be able to access psychology and counselling services online or over the telephone with a Medicare rebate. From November 1st 2017, people in rural and regional Australia will be able to claim a Medicare rebate for online videoconferencing consultations with psychologists for up to seven of ten sessions. The Areas that will be able to access these services can be seen on a map by clicking here.


Click here to read the government's press release in full.